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CitySupport is known as one of the Dutch specialists for city trips with websites like, and To stay on top of their game, CitySupport created a new brand called, which meant that their websites got a complete make-over to remain one of the best out there without losing any of the number one rankings they currently held in Google. With no less than 36 different domain names they offer a unique portal for almost every major city in Europe, running on a single engine for easy content management, statistics and booking overviews. The booking engine allows customers to compare and instantly book the trip of their choice.

With the new design, done by HBMEO, we could work our magic! We have some talented designers and scripters working for us to transform static designs in to rich, Javascript-enabled features.

The booking engine, developed in Python and Django, interacts seamlessly with the CMS, developed in PHP. The booking engine communicates with partnering companies to request availability for hotels and flights. The partnering companies also provide up-to-date descriptions for their travel products that can be viewed, edited and enriched by staff for their own websites.

With intelligent URL rewriting and SEO techniques, almost all of the old URLs to content and travel products (still present in blogs, search engines, articles, etc.) would lead to the correct URL in the new design. This provides the best experience for users while at the same time allows to keep their number one position in Google.

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Website and booking engine for