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The municipality of The Hague (in Dutch, Gemeente Den Haag) launched a new concept to promote cooperation between schools. The project name, "Ontmoetingen" literally means "to meet" and is intended for schools with a different cultural backgrounds to organize projects together such as festivities for holidays, sport events, a trip to the local zoo, etc. This website can also be used for ideas from other schools and provides a place to show photos and videos to parents. Finally, the local government can be asked to give subsidiaries for certain projects once they are planned by a school.

In cooperation with Fabrique, who made the design, we were contacted to provide the technical expertise for the project.

Python and Django was chosen to power the whole website. The frontend is not too complex, especially when not logged in as a school representative. However, a website, available to the public and as part of any government or government agency needs to meet heavy accessibility requirements.

The website features an administrative area, which becomes available when logged in, where a school representative can create events in an agenda, invite other schools to participate in an event, place documents, videos and images, etc.

The regular frontend shows the school profiles, together with the videos and images that were marked as public and has some demo projects for inspiration. All manageable by either a supervisor of the municipality of The Hague or by a school representative.


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