High performance availability searches for Egypte.nl


Maykin Media was consulted for a partial redesign of Egypte.nl which included a dynamic, runtime definable filter system for travel products. The staff of GetAway Travel should be able to add filters to the website if so required. A filter could be on any property of the travel product, such as the number of days, the destination, weather, number of stars of the hotel, etc. Naturally, on the website, the filters should be very, very fast and up to date, or potential customers would lose interest.

The existing website was created in PHP. We had quite some freedom in the programming language and server configuration "as long as it worked". We choose Python with Django to introduce Haystack with Solr as search engine. We love new technologies and this combination of Haystack with Solr enabled us to achieve lightning fast searches through heaps of data.

For GetAway Travel, filters, to quickly search on travel product properties, can be defined in Django's management interface. To complete the task, Javascript was used to make these filters available to visitors so they can easily search on the website for trips that meet their demands. According to the client, this real time method of searching is "unique in the travel industry".

GetAway Travel

High performance availability searches for Egypte.nl