Recharted: Online Travel Webservice

Digital, Travel

Management of holidays for online travel agencies can be a complex task, we designed and built Recharted to make this easy. Recharted offers a complete collection of travel products (hotels, airplane tickets, car rentals, transfers) for a competitive fee. Customers can also add their own products to Recharted, allowing online websites to create unique travel packages for their target audience.

Recharted is a webservice built on Python and Django that supplies online websites with travel products, real-time pricing and availability information. Recharted also offers a webapplication system allowing the customer to manage their products, customizing margins and filters and allows access to management reports and detailed statistics. For aftersales Recharted cooperates with a travel organization that can handle all communication with the end-user. The travel organization is a member of the dutch travel association and has an IATA license for printing airplane tickets. This allows companies that aren't familiar with selling travel products to start quickly and easily.

Recharted has been a part of Travelbird since early 2013.

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