Website and booking engine for


With we have helped to launch a new name and concept in the travel industry. You won't have to book your ticket, hotel, car rental and excursions on different websites, you can do it all in just a few easy steps at has no inventory of its own but uses several third parties to retrieve stock information for their travel products. Prices might differ from minute to minute with these third parties. is able to cope with all these price changes by caching the right information and only retrieve availability and price information when required.

With mocking and staging environments, the whole website and booking process - which is only 2 steps - can be simulated. Including the payment steps. This makes it easy for the developers to test their changes and for Vliegfabriek to see their wishes implemented.

In addition, an API is available to let commercial banners connect to in real time and request availability and price information while the banner is shown on some other website. The API is also used to power some third party websites, that specialize in certain travel products and tune to their own specialization.


Website and booking engine for