Wanted: Frontend web-developers with excellent knowledge of Javascript/CSS!

Who are we?

To put it simple: we’re technology junkies who turned their passion into their work. Our motto: Nothing beats the feeling of biking along the Amsterdam canals in the early morning sun, looking forward to a good cup of coffee and new technological challenges.

What do we do?

We are currently mainly active in the development of open source solutions for the Dutch government. We do this with a number of modern web frameworks (React, Vue) but also with POJS. Example projects are a dynamic formbuilder component or real-time search and geo applications.

Check also our portfolio to see the projects and customers we work for.

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for a web developer who’s able to create clever solutions for all our challenges. Our biggest demand is that you have excellent knowledge of Javascript and CSS. Here is our preferred profile:

  • You have a bachelors or masters degree in Computer Technology or studying hard to get one. Or: you are just plain smart and you can convince us of that.
  • You’re able to work independently and you’re not afraid to handle your responsibilities.
  • You’re excellent with Javascript and CSS and have at least two years of professional experience in frontend development. You can make any browser dance to your prototyping-will, you dream in JSON and you love to use your CSS/SASS skills to realise the most awesome designs.
  • If you have experience with React or Vue this is a strong plus.
  • You can’t work without versioncontrol, automated testing and proper documentation.
  • You have a healthy interest in Python and Django, or you don't mind backend developers that can talk on and on about serializers or Kubernetes as long as they keep their API's working properly.

We’re looking for someone for at least three days a week.

What are you going to do?

Develop software! You’re going to work on our own projects and also those of our customers. Your tasks will be varied. You could be creating a prototype for a new idea or you could be brainstorming with us on how to apply our customer’s wishes to their sites. We’re a small company which means you’ll be participating in the development of a solid piece of software from beginning to end. However, your main job is as a frontend webdeveloper.

What do we have to offer?

You’re going to work in an enthusiastic team of web developers in a lovely office in Amsterdam. You’ll be working with us on challenging projects. Next to your regular tasks, you’ll also be able to give back to the Open Source Community. We’re flexible in our work mentality. After a hard day’s work, we also love to relax, enjoy exquisite lunches and use good equipment. We value your knowledge and we mean to give you the space you need to develop your own ideas and let you experiment with new techniques.

For more information, please call or e-mail us. Visit our contact page.