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Maykin Media mainly creates fully customized websites, web applications and web services. To do so, we reuse existing components as much as possible and beyond that we do whatever we can to make all our customer’s wishes come true. That gives you the flexibility to be completely free in how your concept will work or what it will look like, while we keep the costs minimized.

If Maykin Media has created your website, web application or web service, you are always in control. Whether you’d like to add or change texts, give an employee access to the system or change the margins of your products, you can do it all yourself. Maykin Media makes sure to give you the independency and flexibility you need.



Maykin Media was founded on a combined passion for technology. Because of that passion, we always keep searching for better solutions. The world of technology is always in motion and so are we: there always are new options around the corner.

Together with our client, we decide which technologies will be the best fit for a project. We’d like to stress that the quality of the service we provide to our customers is extremely important to us. We won’t sleep well until we’re certain that everything has been put together correctly. With every project, we try to focus on the quality of our work by making it measurable. We do so by testing the software automatically. We prefer to detect a bug in your system ourselves, before you or your customers do.

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