What are APIs?

An Application Programming Interface (API) allows developers to link to other systems. The Web allows us to build APIs that can be accessed anywhere over the globe, allowing systems to automatically make use of each other regardless of time and place.

One example is the Twitter API: Your Twitter mobile app uses the Twitter API to send your tweet and so does your desktop Twitter application. News organizations automatically send out tweets when they enter a new article via the Twitter API, allowing them to increase their audience and engage with that audience in real-time. Regardless of what you use to send a tweet, all messages sent via the Twitter API are stored and collected in a central database for all to see.

APIs allow systems to communicate with each other and integrate. Users work with many different websites and web applications, and integration of these websites and web applications allows much more flexibility and provides features that aren't limited to a single system.

APIs at Maykin Media

Maykin Media has developed a number of APIs, ranging from mobile back ends to APIs that offer all operations an ordinary user would be allowed to accomplish.

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