Every system is different. That is why we offer 3 hosting packages with which we have a proper hosting solution for any situation:

VPS Hosting

  • Low-cost virtual managed server
  • Quick to deploy
  • Fine solution for websites with a limited number of visitors

Dedicated Hosting

  • Physically dedicated private server
  • Complete use of underlying resources
  • Good choice for larger websites and webapplications

Dedicated High-Availability Hosting

  • Multiple load-balanced servers
  • Ensured uptime even with a large number of visitors
  • Good choice for mission-critical systems


We offer various support contracts in order to ensure that your website remains available after development has been completed.

If an outage occurs, a support contract allows you to contact our helpdesk and provides you the certainty that your problem will be fixed within a predefined number of hours.

All details are laid out in a hostingcontract with a Service Level Agreement for support.

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