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The Anne Frank House is one of the top destinations in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Millions of people from all over the world come to see with their own eyes the house where Anne Frank and her family went into hiding during the second World War.

In 2017 the Anne Frank Foundation (which maintans the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam) contacted Maykin to implement a new website for based on a fresh new design from IN10. The challenge was to implement the CMS to make the new design manageable while making use of the most modern standards available. The fact that the website needs to be able to handle 10M pageviews per month from visitors around the world also means scalability and performance are key.

The website was developed using Python, Django and Django CMS on the backend, on the frontend a combination of regular HTML5/SASS, React components and Three.js was used. The website has integrations with the APIs of Mailchimp, Piwik and Vimeo, and it makes use of the Fastly CDN.

The site was completed in 2018 and contains a range of different apps to manage the various catalogues of the Foundation. The website also automatically integrates with the Memorix DAM (Digital Asset Management) of the Foundation.

Hosting of the website is done by Centric on the Foundation's Private Cloud. The DTAP-street is managed using our Ansible setup.

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