Open Formulieren / Open Forms


Discover Maykin's Open Forms: Enhance your processes with easy-to-use webbased forms!

Are you looking for an efficient and user-friendly way to build and publish smart forms? Maykin's Open Forms offers a solution to optimize your form building experience. With Open Forms, administrators can easily create intelligent forms using the intuitive form designer. Easily integrate it into your own CMS and use the various possibilities.

Open Forms offers features such as map displays, smart field validation, and advanced logic rules (no-code / low-code) that make your forms more effective.

You can also link Open Forms to various authentication and authorization systems such as OIDC, SAML/DigiD, eHerkenning and eIDAS. It is also possible to integrate with business systems, API and StUF interfaces and payment systems for a comprehensive solution.

Choose Maykin's Open Forms to make your digital forms more efficient. This solution helps streamline your form building process and makes it easier to work with the latest technologies. Try Open Forms and experience the benefits it offers.


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Open Formulieren / Open Forms