Using gp.vcsdevelop for vcs dependencies in zc.buildout

June 30, 2010 - Remco - python - pip - vcs - zc.buildout - Software

When using gp.vcsdevelop bear in mind that you'll explicitly have to add the egg installed by gp.vcsdevelop (through using pip) to the buildout eggs.

For example if you want to add grappelli revision 1072 from googlecode's svn and django-nose revision bda1f7820223f913e09d from github to your django project, do it like so:

# Directory where gp.vcsdevelop places all vcs checkouts
develop-dir = ./parts/vcs-checkouts
develop =
# Don't hit the network if this is not necessary
newest = false
# Include all vcs eggs
# NOTE: vcs eggs included here should _also_ be included in buildout:eggs
eggs =
parts =

recipe = djangorecipe
version = 1.2.1
wsgi = True
eggs =

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