Maykin becomes Django Software Foundation corporate member

Dec. 31, 2015 - Alex - Django

At Maykin we have been using Django extensively since we started in 2008. Since then we've helped out as individuals where we could: Organizing DjangoCon Amsterdam in 2011, assisting and sponsoring Django Under the Hood, founding of the Dutch Django Association to assist Django related meetings. Most of all, we all are positive contributing members of the Django community.

Maykin has grown to 10 developers in 2015 with 1 focus: Developing software properly. We focus on quality through automated testing, adhere to coding guidelines and document code to ensure our creations keep working and are easily maintainable. We are glad that this is appreciated by our customers, partners and developers alike.

With the expansion of Maykin we are also taking on a more active role as a business in the community. In 2015 we have sponsored PyGrunn, DjangoCon Europe in Cardiff and Django Under the Hood: Conferences that we love, to learn, meet and greet!

For 2016 we decided to take the next step and have become a corporate member of the Django Software Foundation. We are proud to be able to help out the Django community and the DSF on a permanent basis.

Have a great 2016 with lots of awesome software!

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