Single Digital Gateway Management System


The SDG Management System by Maykin: A centralized solution for easy access to digital services across the EU.

The Single Digital Gateway (SDG) Regulation ensures that EU citizens and businesses can easily access digital services in other EU member states. From December 2022, all (decentralized) governments must provide information on products and services via

In collaboration with VNG, the Interprovincial Consultation, and the Union of Water Boards, Maykin offers a centralized solution for all decentralized authorities: the SDG Management System.

How does the SDG Management System work? The SDG Management System is a content management system (CMS) that closely collaborates with the national portals,,, and their English equivalents.

Choose Maykin's SDG Management System to ensure that your municipality, province, or water board is prepared for the European Single Digital Gateway Regulation. Discover the benefits of this centralized solution and how it helps you to efficiently meet the requirements of the regulation. For more information, please contact your representative at VNG, IPO, or UvW.


Single Digital Gateway Management System