Open Zaak


The central hub in your organization for cases and documents. Open Zaak implements the VNG API standards for case-oriented work without compromises. This means focus, minimal maintenance, and always compliant. Open Zaak is developed by Maykin, the specialist in the field of Common Ground components and applications.

With Open Zaak, you quickly and easily gain access to the APIs for case-oriented work within your organization. Open Zaak offers these APIs on top of reliable and secure data storage and demonstrably complies with the applicable standards.

For municipalities, by municipalities: Open Zaak has been realized by municipalities such as Amsterdam, Arnhem, Delft, Haarlem, 's-Hertogenbosch, Rotterdam, Tilburg, and Utrecht, under the supervision of Dimpact.

Support Maykin provides community support for everyone, and for customers with a service level agreement, issues are prioritized and resolved.


Gemeente Den Haag

Gemeente Utrecht

Open Zaak