Your website: cheap is expensive?

There are millions of websites out there... so what makes your website unique? Maykin Media focuses on custom website development, which allows us to build your website to order.

For simple websites there are many existing off-the-shelf CMS software packages like Wordpress or Drupal. Sometimes these packages are just what you need, meaning you can set up your website yourself. By using different themes and plugins you can customize your site to a large degree, but there are always limits to what you can achieve. So you call in someone to further customize your site. After a while you call in someone else and more changes slip in. This will include more costs too.

When it comes to websites, Maykin Media is often called in when an existing software package has run its course. The customizations made to the CMS software made sure you got the job done, but prevent you from upgrading, causing your website to become a security risk as time goes by. Patching and maintaining the software package takes up more and more development time, which keeps you from being able to focus on adding new features or integrating your website with others.


Maykin Media develops your website

Maykin Media can take your existing website and build it the way you want it to look and work. There are no limits, the content of your existing website can be transferred and the switch is often quicker and easier than you would expect.

After development we can either deploy your site on your existing hosting solution or we can host it for you. We believe proper maintenance and support is just as important as the development phase of your website, so we have a number of hosting packages that ensure your website is properly maintained at an affordable price.

This allows you to focus instead on what you want to achieve with your website instead of being held back by your software package.

Would you like to have your website built by Maykin Media? Check out our portfolio for examples or contact us for further information.


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