Openfiler permission problems with shares on MacOSX and Windows

Aug. 22, 2009 - Joeri - apple - mac - nas - openfiler - samba - windows - Software

We recently came across a problem with our file server where I was unable to write to a particular directory on Openfiler. It turned out that this directory was created on a Mac and I was unable to place any files in it from Windows. What's happening? Some Googling got me to various unanswered posts where people roughly described the same problem although not everyone ...

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PuTTY Tunnel Manager

April 2, 2009 - Joeri - windows - ssh - tunnel - .net - csharp - Software

How often don't I just want to open a tunnel to some server (that I'm sure to have in PuTTY) without opening a full SSH terminal? Or, isn't it annoying that everytime you open a terminal session in PuTTY, all tunnels related to that session open as well? -- PuTTY Tunnel Manager is here!

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