Group analysis system iQuest

Case overview

The iQuest system was developed for the Tornak Group in order to automate their group analysis workflow.

By allowing participants to log in to a dedicated web application they are able to directly answer questions about their team members and invite other team members to answer questions about themselves. By answering questions, each participant gets a higher or lower mark on various dimensions (for example: Initiative, Cooperation or Sensitivity).

After all the participants complete their questionnaires a group session is planned by the Tornak Group to discuss the results. Each participant gets their own (automatically generated) document with the results. For calculating the results, the answers of the participants are compared with each other in order to determine where each participant stands compared to the whole group.


The goal of the project was to automate an already existing workflow that was, until thus far, processed and calculated manually. By going with a web-based approach, the participants can simply fill out the questionnaires online. Instead of having to spread the process out over weeks, the automated workflow allows the Tornak Group to complete the process within days.

System Design

The system is built using Python / Django and consists of various modules with loose-coupling in order to provide a system that can be modified per-case.

  • Questionnaire module

  • Calculation module

  • Rapport-generation module

  • Notification module

  • Meta-Rapport module

  • Administrator module

Current Status

The iQuest system has been in production use since late 2006 with success. It has been periodically updated and enhanced with new features and modules. Next to group analysis sessions, the system has been used for a number of other types of sessions (for example for social workers in the municipality of Rotterdam), each leading to useful discussions between participants and an increased insight into the methods of each participant.

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