The Business Process Task Library in Common Ground

Feb. 21, 2020 - Sergei - Development - Django - Projects

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Python en Django voor dashboards

June 29, 2017 - Alex - Development - Django - Projects

Dashboards zijn tegenwoordig onmisbaar in het bedrijfsleven. Vrijwel ieder bedrijf wil immers relevante data inzichtelijk weergegeven hebben. Ongeacht welk soort data. Ook Maykin Media verzorgt voor haar klanten mooie, overzichtelijke dashboards. Deze dashboards worden in Python en Django ontwikkeld en zijn geheel op maat te maken. In dit blog beschrijven wij wat een dashboard zoal kan doen én wat de voordelen van een dashboard in Python en Django zijn.

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Payments & Maykin's Django Adyen app

March 3, 2017 - - Development - Django - Software

It this blog we discuss payment options in the Netherlands and introduce our Django Adyen app.

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Starting with Django on Windows 10

Feb. 29, 2016 - Joeri - Development - Django

Quick write up of how to start with Django on Windows 10 from scratch.

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Maykin becomes Django Software Foundation corporate member

Dec. 31, 2015 - Alex - Django

At Maykin we have been using Django extensively since we started in 2008. Since then we've helped out as individuals where we could: Organizing DjangoCon Amsterdam in 2011, assisting and sponsoring Django Under the Hood, founding of the Dutch Django Association to assist Django related meetings. Most of all, we all are positive contributing members of the Django community. Maykin has grown to 10 developers ...

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Django redirects with regular expressions

Sept. 2, 2013 - Alex - regex - django - python - Development - Django

We've been doing quite a few projects lately where old incoming links need redirecting to new pages (both for visitors and the much sought-after Google juice). In such projects SEO is mostly tacked-on as an afterthought and often neglected, however giving your users the tools to set this up themselves is always appreciated. The default redirects app in Django works pretty well for users, but ...

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Customizing Django startproject with templates

June 6, 2013 - Alex - django - modwsgi - deployment - Development - Django - Software

When it comes to Django everyone has their own way of structuring a project. The default layout when running startproject is reasonable for smaller projects, but it quickly gets messy when those projects grow. Two Scoops of Django has a whole chapter on the subject, but rightfully states that no two developers would structure their project in the same way. The default project structure of ...

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Go Three60!

May 3, 2013 - Alex - project - Django - Projects

Maykin Media congratulates AmLab with the successful launch of the Three60 product! The tool shows a vision of aid information being accessible to all, from a top-down statistical perspective all the way to the words of the recipients themselves in how aid has improved their lives. The approach of using open source data provided in real-time appeals to us here at Maykin Media and we ...

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